Brazil Single Origin Coffee by Wondaboshi

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Discover the Wondrous flavours of Wondaboshi coffee! The toasted notes of this medium roast coffee create a soft, delicious cup of coffee with hints of chocolate, caramel and orange.

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Wondaboshi’s Brazilian Single Origin Coffee is hand-roasted, small batch and high quality. Our coffee beans are selected from the best region of Brazil to create a unique, deep and complex taste that’s all its own – this is what makes Brazilian coffee so distinctive and delicious.

Our coffee is grown in a sustainable manner, respecting the environment and our natural resources. Coffee plantations are located next to preserved natural forests to ensure ecological balance. Solid wastes from processing are incorporated into the soil, and the quality of the mountain spring water is maintained by the use of either the natural process or Pulped Natural systems, with minimal consumption and recycling.



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